Interview with Agnieszka Nawrot

Interview with
Agnieszka Nawrot

Quality & Food Safety Manager, Fruit Poland

„Make sure people keep their motivation“

Please tell us something about your career at AGRANA. Where did you start? Which stations did you go through to reach your current position?

  • Started at AGRANA right after 5 years of university
  • 1998 – 2008 – 10 years in AF Poland, Ostrołęka plant where I became Quality Manager
  • 2008 – 2013 – 5 years in AF US, Botkins plant as Food Safety & Quality Manager
  • Since 2013 – in AF Division as Quality & Food Safety Manager in charge of Europe


Why should people apply for jobs at the company? What is the USP of the company?

What AGRANA manufactures ends up on someone’s table. Consumer health (food safety) & satisfaction (quality) are our key priorities. A dedicated & knowledgeable AGRANA Team creates a good environment to fulfill this commitment: certified food safety & quality systems, trainings, sharing best practices, continuous improvement, etc.. AGRANA is a global company, AGRANA offers opportunities to learn and grow.

What do you like most working at AGRANA? What were your personal highlights at the company?

AGRANA in my eyes is seen as being a very dynamic company with very well established food safety & quality culture.

What is success for you? Which personal competencies supported your carrier path? What is needed to be successful?

Success has no general definition for me. It means different things to different people. Maybe I am repeating myself, but I do personally consider as a success keeping people interested in food safety & quality: people asking the proper questions & willing to embrace challenges and learn new things. Among personal competencies supportive for my carrier path, I cite an open-minded attitude, no fear of changes & challenges. Thanks to these qualities, I have been able to adapt to different communities & be an active member of AGRANA teams in Poland – in US – in Europe.

What do you personally think of talents? What is a talent for you? What does it mean for AGRANA?

Very rarely are people born with “a talent”. In the majority of cases, talents are driven by hard work, determination and a pint of good luck… But first of all there must be passion about the job you perform in order for your talent to bloom…

How important would you see your personal development and the development of your direct employees?

In an easy way: if people do not develop, they lose their motivation for work. We always need to keep people motivated: newcomers, but also “dinosaurs”… :-)

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