Interview with Jorge Luis Martinez Camarena

Interview with
Jorge Luis Martinez Camarena

Head of Controlling and Deputy CFO, Fruit, Mexico

„AGRANA offers a wide palette for professional training“

Please tell us something about your career at AGRANA. Where did you start? Which stations did you go through to reach your current position?

I started my career at AGRANA in AF Mexico in March 2003, as part of the accounting team, performing the functions of Accounts Payable Supervisor. Shortly after entering into the company, the financial reporting tasks to corporate were added to my job position, including an active role in the planning process and analysis of the financial figures, which I accepted and performed since then with enthusiasm and energy. This constant communication with corporate and people from abroad was very motivating and interesting for me, which I think was a key factor in my personal development. There was no financial controller in the Mexican affiliate, therefore, I had the opportunity to assume these functions since the beginning of my time at AGRANA and develop my profile in this direction. In 2008 I officially became a Financial Controller of AF Mexico and was invited to be part of the controlling team of the division. The head offices of Fruit Division were moved from Paris to Vienna at the end of 2009, which was an interesting and big change that provided me the opportunity to get to know and compare different cultures in a short period of time. In November 2010 I was promoted to Teamleader of Fruit Controlling, and in August 2012 I returned to AF Mexico, as Head of Controlling and deputy CFO, after the audits performed in the Mexican affiliate regarding Business year 2011/12 and the change of top management.

Why should people apply for jobs at the company? What is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the company?

I think AGRANA has a wide range of possibilities for professional development for people willing to work and contribute with their talent, abilities, creativity and inspiration. The worldwide presence, the food business, the dynamism of fruit market, but mostly the talented people working in the different affiliates of AGRANA Group are relevant elements which makes AGRANA an attractive option for potential employees.

What do you like most working at AGRANA? What were your personal highlights at the company?

What I most like at AGRANA are the valuable people around the world. While being a Fruit Division Financial Controller, I had the opportunity to work with many people, directly or indirectly, from different countries, who were willing to cooperate and had a very positive attitude. Talking about my personal highlights at AGRANA, I would mention the following: working abroad, collaborating with my experience and being flexible to changes, positive influence in the development of my colleagues, key collaboration in the internal audit of AF Mexico and participation in the management team of AF Mexico in order to implement better controls.

What is success for you? Which personal competencies supported your carrier path? What is needed to be successful?

In my opinion, success is not a status, but a dynamic reality of development; it is the never-ending process of growing in a direction marked by one’s own decisions, abilities, competencies and personal qualities. To be successful, it is necessary to be aware about the own strengths and weaknesses and, based on that, to define personal objectives and to work on these with enthusiasm and tenacity. Regarding my own competencies, I have made special efforts to cultivate and include the following attributes in my personality and way of working: persistence, formality, working attitude, open-mindedness, respect, team player, flexibility and proactivity.

What do you personally think of talents? What is a talent for you? What does it mean for AGRANA?

Talents are natural gifts which can be developed with work and willingness. I would compare the talents with the natural tools of one’s own personality which enable a person to find solutions, to solve difficulties and to create better ways of doing something. I believe that AGRANA is a company that is increasingly focused on the development of its employees, recognizing this as a key factor for being successful as a Group. I would say that taking advantage of the talents of the people is the only method to achieve the goals at AGRANA.

How important would you see your personal development and the development of your direct employees?

I think one of the relevant objectives in the life of a human being is to develop one’s own talents, to reach better levels of efficiency and quality in our personal life and professional activities. This can only be realised if we are convinced about that, translating into the daily activities the decision to become a better employee, a more efficient worker and a better person.

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