Interview with Thomas Kitzweger

Interview with
Thomas Kitzweger

Director Supply Chain Management, Sugar, Austria

„Success is for me if I can involve with my ideas“

Please tell us something about your career at AGRANA. Where did you start? Which stations did you go through to reach your current position?

Started on 1 January 2010 in the newly founded Corporate Logistics department at Agrana Beteiligungs-AG. Assumed the current position of Director Supply Chain Management for the division sugar.

Why should people apply for jobs at the company? What is the USP of the company?

AGRANA is a very well established company with an excellent network of suppliers and customers. Long-term partnerships are a feature of the company and this is also reflected in the treatment of employees.

What do you like most working at AGRANA? What were your personal highlights at the company?

AGRANA has a long tradition and today is faced with underlying economic changes that are changing at a rapid pace. For me, an absolute highlight is developing the company and its structures to deal with this. When I joined Corporate Logistics on 1 January 2010, we had created many new structures which have since become the today’s benchmark.

What is success for you? Which personal competencies supported your carrier path? What is needed to be successful?

I see success as being when my ideas fall on ears that are ready to listen. This is how I can help the company to develop and make my contribution to the overall success of the company. Goods ideas off my own back and implementing them successfully are the drivers behind my success. Passiveness leads to stagnation and stagnation in a rapidly changing world actually means a step back. In my view, walking through the plants with open eyes, analyzing and anticipating markets and their requirements are key factors of success; a bit of luck is also needed.

What do you personally think of talents? What is a talent for you? What does it mean for AGRANA?

Talent can help to carry out tasks quickly and effectively to begin with. However, talent must be nurtured by plenty of training....if you just rely on your talent, you will quickly reach your limits. Talent at AGRANA can open doors and enable opportunities. Accepting this then is up to the individual.

How important would you see your personal development and the development of your direct employees?

All employees are important to me, as each and every one of them makes a contribution to the success of the company. Similarly, supporting and pushing employees is part of my daily work. Bored employees are just as ineffective as stressed employees. You need to find out the potential of employees and then encourage this through continuous professional development. Whether this means changing division or department or a promotion in the team, it is just as good and important.

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