Interview with
Anna Evsikova

Anna Evsikova | Cooking operator in Moscow


Please briefly introduce yourself: What is your name? In which department and at which site do you work? What is your job title?

My name is Anna Evsikova and I work in our fruit preparations plant in Russia in the production area as a cooking operator.

Why did you decide to work in a technical profession?

The reason I chose this job was because I like working with my hands and seeing the instant results of my work. I really like my technical job because my task varies a lot and of course because of my friendly colleagues. It is a pleasure to work with a friendly team.

Can you share with us a tip why women should decide to work in a technical position?

It is important to understand that a production profession is full of diverse challenges. To work in the field of production, you should like challenges and should not be afraid of them.

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