Interview with
Eva Blees

Eva Blees | Production manager & deputy site manager Gmünd


Please briefly introduce yourself: What is your name? In which department and at which site do you work? What is your job title?

My name is Eva Blees. I’m the production manager and deputy site manager at the plant in Gmünd. I manage the production lines for making potato starch and manufacturing potato flakes.

Why did you decide to work in a technical profession?

My strengths and interests have always been in the areas of analytical thinking, the natural sciences and technology. That´s why I decided to study engineering. After my degree, I decided to go into production so that I can directly experience the output of my work. The production systems and products mean that I can see every day what my team has done; I enjoy managing the team and supporting the team members.

Which aspects of your everyday working life in a technical profession interest you most?

The best thing about my job is the diversity of the tasks involved: planning, organising, analysing, motivating, convincing and inspiring people – there’s something of everything involved. Teamwork and creative problem solving are just as important as persistence and having a technical understanding.

Can you share with us a tip why women should decide to work in a technical position?

My advice to all women who are thinking about deciding on a technical profession:

overcome your self-doubt. Yes, technology is a highly demanding area with many challenges. But that also means that there are many opportunities to learn, to prove yourself and to be successful. You only develop further when you leave your comfort zone.

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