Interview with
Vera Fuchs

Production manager | Saccharification production department
AGRANA Starch, Aschach a. d. Donau | Austria


Please briefly introduce yourself: What is your name? In which department and at which site do you work? What is your job title?

My name is Vera Fuchs. I work in the saccharification production department where I am the production manager at our factory in Aschach an der Donau | Upper Austria.

Why did you decide to work in a technical profession?

For many years I had no experience of technical professions as my family was mainly involved in social or artistic fields. That’s why I found classes in the natural sciences at school so fascinating – I had the feeling of learning something completely new every lesson. The decision to train in the field of chemistry was therefore based purely on curiosity and not on a specific professional goal. Back then, I associated chemistry more with research and development, and I imagined myself one day developing a new drug. As it later turned out, there are many other opportunities available if you have an educational background in the natural sciences. After several research internships, I decided to go into production – an important reason for this is that you can directly see the results of your work and you always have the feeling of having achieved something at the end of the day.

Which aspects of your everyday working life in a technical profession interest you most?

I particularly appreciate the variety of the tasks involved in my job. The mix of different specialist issues, from improving occupational safety to optimising production processes and working with colleagues from different specialist areas, all mean that my daily work never becomes mundane. On top, there are also regularly exciting projects in which I can play a role in shaping the company’s future, such as in the area of digitalisation. Last but not least, I am also responsible for a great production team, which means that interpersonal aspects are also part of my day-to-day work. For me, this variety is the best thing about my job.

Can you share with us a tip why women should decide to work in a technical position?

Technology as such covers so many areas, from IT to architecture and engineering; it includes something for everyone. A technical education always means that you have lots of options. Depending on whether you want to specialise or take on management or leadership tasks, all development options are available.

As in any other job, what is important is that you enjoy your work and can develop your own interests and skills even if these change over the course of the years. Trying out various things and taking on challenges adds spice to daily working life and also forms the basis for your personal development. If you want to pursue specific goals however, it is important to actively work towards and fight for these goals rather than simply wait until you are asked.

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