"I am happy to see proud faces when we achieve success together."

Interview with
Antal Rebenák

Head of Law Enforcement und Head of Internal Logistics
AGRANA Sugar, Hungary

"I am happy to see proud faces when we achieve success together."

Please introduce yourself!

My name is Antal Rebenák and I work at the Magyar Cukor Zrt. Sugar factory in Kaposvár, Hungary, AGRANA's Sugar Division. My job title is Head of Law Enforcement and Head of Internal Logistics. Both areas are very important for our operation and present a lot of challenges. Law enforcement includes all safety issues, including food safety. In a pandemic situation, reviewing and adhering to access and factory regulations is of the utmost importance. Internal logistics is one the most important pillars of a factory. There are five pillars in total. Internal logistics has strategic importance for customer service as well as for the supply chain.

What projects are you currently working on?

The comprehensive extension of the product range has meant a real challenge in terms of warehousing. We are currently working with the logistics manager to establish optimal storage solutions. We work together with the logistics manager to overcome this challenge. In the area of safety, we analyse possibilities offered by further technical developments that could be a long-term solution for us, even in terms of handling the pandemic situation.

Where do you head first when you get to work?

When I arrive at the factory, I start my day by walking around the warehouses and the factory areas. I meet with warehouse managers and we discuss the morning’s events and the main tasks for that day ahead. I also meet with the members of the security staff and discuss events that might have occurred during the night. If any particular problems have occurred, we discuss those in detail.

What do like most about your job? What do you appreciate about your team?

What I really like is, that no two days are the same in my job. There are lots of challenges, many issues to resolve, different tasks. My team is very committed and loyal, each member loves their job and is good at it. Continuous feedback is important for them and I am happy to see proud faces when we achieve success together.

What tasks do you manage during a typical day?

As I mentioned before, my day starts with my morning rounds. After that, I discuss findings with the warehouse manager and we set up the tasks for the day. As a pillar leader I have 15 subordinates, including team leaders and blue-collar staff. I then meet with the security team, they report about the events. If there are any critical problems, we start an investigation. During campaigns and maintenance periods, I meet with the team leaders on a daily basis. These are mostly planned meetings, but occasionally ad hoc. Continuous contact, communication about issues and solutions are all very important. I also frequently meet with external service providers and officials, for example with the head of police.

How do you spend your lunch break?

My office is located far from the factory kitchen and doesn’t really provide food I like. So, for me it’s more effective to bring a packed lunch from home, and I eat alone, in my office.

Are there any special traditions in your team or at your site?

My team was first formed in December 2016 and we celebrate our anniversary every year. Additionally, we organise a small biannual party to celebrate our shared successes and achievements. This is unique to internal logistics, other departments don’t have this tradition.

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