Interview with
Monika Pieringer

Monika Pieringer | Food engineer in Aschach


Please briefly introduce yourself: What is your name? In which department and at which site do you work? What is your job title?

My name is Monika Pieringer and I am in my third year of training to become a food engineer in the saccharification department at AGRANA’s Aschach site.

Why did you decide to work in a technical profession?

While I was at school I looked into various career options. Food engineering was the profession that immediately interested me most and every day I become more and more convinced that I have chosen the right industry.

Which aspects of your everyday working life in a technical profession interest you most?

I was able to play a role in various departments during my training, meaning that I already have experience in the areas of production, maintenance and in quality control. I get to discover many new and exciting tasks during my training to become a food engineer.

Can you share with us a tip why women should decide to work in a technical position?

At the end of the day, you have the feeling of being able to contribute to something important because the results of my work will be appreciated and used on a daily basis by millions of people.

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