Interview with
Georgiana Deciu

Head of Quality Management, Quality & Sustainability
AGRANA Starch, Austria

"I like the diversity of my team: each 
colleague brings added value in their own unique way."

Please introduce yourself!

My name is Georgiana Deciu and I am Head of Quality Management in our plant in Aschach in the Starch division. I currently work in Aschach | Austria but previous to this, I worked in Tandarei | Romania for almost ten years.

What projects are you currently working on?

The projects within the AGRANA Starch team are part of our five-year quality strategy. The projects are mainly based on 1. AUDIT FITNESS 2. CENTER OF EXCELLENCE 3. DIGITAL REVOLUTION 4. NO-BLAME CULTURE and 5. LEAN MANAGEMENT

Where do you head first when you get to work?

I say "good morning!" to my colleagues first thing, then grab a cup of tea and go over my schedule to check the priorities for the day and to get an overview of how the day will turn out.

What do like most about your job? What do you appreciate about your team?

I really like the challenges my job offers, the opportunity to work with all departments and to meet new people through the customer and certification audits. I like the diversity of my team; each new and experienced colleague brings added value in their own unique way.

What tasks do you manage during a typical day?

For a Quality Manager a “typical day” is not easy to describe, as we shall stay flexible and ready to adapt in order to make sure that our quality management system stays alive. For this, I often coordinate with colleagues from production, raw material and technical departments. We also run several QM-projects, in order to improve all processes and to comply with the (internal and external) customer requirements.

How do you spend your lunch break?

The lunch break is an important part of the day for me. :) I almost always bring my own lunch which, before pandemic, I was happy to share with my colleagues. But at the moment I eat alone.

Are there any special traditions in your team or at your site?

Within the Starch Division, we at AGRANA have focused on team building from the very beginning and regularly organise meetings with colleagues from other sites. We take every opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with others.

What has been the best day in your job so far?

I would say that the entire period from 1st May 2020 until now has been a very interesting time in my working life. On 1st July I started work in a different location, a different country and faced the challenge of learning a new language (German). However, it’s been a great opportunity to take a step forward in my career after almost ten years at AGRANA´s starch plant in Romania.

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