Alexandru Marcov

Alexandru Marcov

Trainee Sales, Sugar, Romania

Joining the AGRANA Trainee Programme was a great experience, so far, and the perfect opportunity to start practicing what I`ve studied during college.

You get to meet a lot of people, see new places, experience new cultures, new habits, see different enviroments and, of course, the chance to learn a lot in a company that runs businesses in various fields of activity. Being part of a cross-divisional trainee programme has broadened my horizons and also gave me the opportunity to follow different paths during my career.

Also, joining every department of the company, is a major asset due to the fact that it gives you an insight on the day to day tasks they perform, thus enabling you to choose what is best suited for you in the future. Different training modules also helped a lot to further develop my skills, learning to cope with stressful situation and dealing with deadlines.

So do I recommend this training programme? Hell, yes! If you`re young, driven, ambitious and strive for excellence in everything that you do, then AGRANA is the place to be!

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