Markus Huber

Markus Huber

Internship Corporate Human Resources

Why did you choose AGRANA for your internship?

Having graduated from university, I was driven by the ambition to gain more practical HR-experience. Furthermore, I was looking for a job at an internationally renowned company, which should serve me as an appropriate step stone for my later career. Therefore, an internship at AGRANA’s Corporate HR department seemed very attractive.

How did you apply for the internship? How was the application process set up?

I submitted my application documents online on AGRANA’s homepage. Afterwards, AGRANA invited me to a job interview and a few days later they confirmed that I was hired.

Shortly describe a typical working day within your internship at AGRANA. What were your main tasks?

I was mainly responsible for a data management project, which I unrolled autonomously. In the course of the project, I created an efficient structure to save/organize all digital data of the HR department. Moreover, I was responsible for several recruiting tasks, such as the pre-selection of candidates as well as the arrangement of job interviews. Additionally I worked in the area of staff administration, in which I wrote letters of recommendation and was involved in the optimization process of AGRANA’s time sheet to record the working hours of employees.

What did you like most about your internship?

I appreciated the varying and challenging working life. Due to these circumstances, I could benefit both, personally and in respect to my professional skills.

What kind of experiences can you take with you from the internship at AGRANA?

I will remember positively, that I could get a deep insight in many different HR topics such as recruiting, employer branding, development and compensation. By collaborating with my colleagues, I could furthermore gain valuable experience concerning teamwork.

Would you recommend an internship at AGRANA? Why? 

Due to my experiences as intern at AGRANA, I learned to work even more autonomously and to take responsibility. Therefore, I would definitely recommend an internship at AGRANA to everybody who aims to learn something new and improve his or her skills.

What advice would you give future interns?

As an intern at AGRANA you should reach out to your colleagues, ask questions and observe their way of working attentively. Considering this advice, you will benefit even more from your internship at AGRANA.

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