Internship Corporate IT

Chirine Millauer

Internship Corporate IT

Why did you choose AGRANA for your internship?

The company AGRANA has an excellent reputation and places great emphasis on the learning achievement of interns during their internship.

How did you apply for the internship? How was the application process set up?

During an event of the institute of process management of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, I had the chance to meet the CIO of AGRANA. In the course of an interesting conversation, I was offered an internship at AGRANA. After graduating from university, I applied for an internship and got the job immediately.

Shortly describe a typical working day within your internship at AGRANA. What were your main tasks?

In the morning I used to update the Team Foundation Server. Thereafter a daily Standup-Meeting with all developers was held to discuss progresses and new tasks. My main tasks included process management, the record keeping of projects, the maintenance of the TFS as well as the creation of user stories, use cases and test cases.

What did you like most about your internship?

The integration of a midsize IT-project including a business trip to Cluj to meet all developers. Moreover, the project manager was always keen to assign interesting tasks to me.

What kind of experiences can you take with you from the internship at AGRANA?

The insights I gained during the internship are very beneficial for me, also because I intend to start with my studies in business informatics next semester. Because of the involvement of four different countries in the project, I learned how the management deals with intercultural differences and viewpoints. Thus I got some insights into project management and the programming of software.

Would you recommend an internship at AGRANA? Why?

Absolutely! Beside a pleasant working environment and nice colleagues, AGRANA attaches great importance to integrating interns into the daily tasks.

What advice would you give future interns?

If you want to learn new things during your internship, you have to show commitment. Instead of being afraid of new tasks, try to find solutions for problems. In situations in which no progress can be made, colleagues are always happy to help.

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