Bruna Cruz

Bruna Cruz

Internship Supply Chain Management | AGRANA Fruit Brazil

Please introduce yourself: What is your name? In which department and at which site are you working at the moment?

My name is Bruna. I'm doing a Young Apprentice Program at AGRANA Fruit Brazil this year in the Supply Chain department.

Which tasks will you be dealing with in the coming weeks?

I will comply with the program activities; at the company, I have to help with the release of notes and services in the warehouse.

What have you particularly enjoyed about your internship so far?

I like most that people are extremely welcoming here and they want to teach you things while you are doing the internship. In addition, the way people work together here is very inspiring. I have nothing to complain about.

Why did you decide on AGRANA as an employer?

I chose this company because it's a very good company; because it´s a company that values its employees, that welcomes them and especially gives them opportunities.

How is the working atmosphere in your new team?

I would describe our atmosphere here as dynamic, as fun, because the staff is really friendly. For me, it's a very good atmosphere and I'm really enjoying it.

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