Alireza Habibi

Alireza Habibi

Internship Department Mechanical Engineering | AGRANA Sugar Tulln

Please introduce yourself: What is your name? In which department and at which site were you working at AGRANA?

My name is Ali. This summer I worked at the Tulln site of AGRANA Zucker in the engineering department.

Which tasks were you dealing with during the internship?

My tasks were very varied. They included installing hatches on the chamber press filter as well as exchanging and sorting out the membrane and the related membrane filters and also exchanging old screws with new, rust-proof screws as well as assembling and installing parts so that the process runs better and more efficiently.

What have you particularly enjoyed about your internship?

What I have enjoyed most was the fact that you don’t simply do the same thing all the time and there is plenty of variety in everyday work. This means you never get bored.

Why did you decide on AGRANA as an employer?

I decided to do an internship at AGRANA because I am really interested in how sugar is produced and because friends and acquaintances had already recommended the company to me. 

How was the working atmosphere in your new team?

I am really happy that my team was always friendly as well as willing to help and to explain new working tasks to me in detail.

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