Martin Herzuba

Martin Herzuba

Internship Corporate IT

Why did you choose AGRANA for your internship?

An internship was required to complete my Bachelor studies in computer science successfully, and AGRANA as a prestigious company with various projects and development possibilities provided a unique opportunity to improve my skills.

How did you apply for the internship? How was the application process set up?

After applying in writing, I was invited for an interview with the CIO. The aim of the interview was to get to know each other and to align both parties’ interests. Subsequently, there was a second interview with the person in charge of interns to discuss employment opportunities.

Shortly describe a typical working day within your internship at AGRANA. What were your main tasks?

A typical working day started between 07:30 and 08:30 am. Due to a major project, a daily standup meeting with developers from Romania was held in the morning. After that, a 15-minute internal meeting took place in which progresses, problems as well as further steps and tasks were discussed. The working day ended at approximately 13:30 am on Fridays and at 16:30 from Monday to Thursday. My main tasks included the creation of database tables as well as the storing of procedures, the development of user stories in C# and the configuration of the related Frontends, in which I used to work with CSS, JS, jQuery and ASP Scripts.

What did you like most about your internship?

Beside a pleasant working atmosphere and open-minded and cooperative colleagues, I was assigned varied tasks. While participating in a major project with around a dozen employees from four different countries, I gained insights into a realistic project environment. Apart from a comprehensive training, I even had the opportunity to go on a business trip to attend the “Retrospective Meeting” practising “SCRUM”.

What kind of experiences can you take with you from the internship at AGRANA?

The programs offered by universities and universities of applied sciences are very theory-loaded, so an internship offers the possibility to enter the professional life. Especially AGRANA with its diverse job opportunities turned out to be a great company. Because I was assigned varied tasks during my internship, I had the chance to acquire new competencies.

Would you recommend an internship at AGRANA? Why?

Absolutely! Especially in the field of informatics an internship is very interesting for the reasons already stated.

What advice would you give future interns?

The tips are quiet easy: Be open-minded, show commitment and try to integrate. In doing so, the duration of the internship is pleasant and interesting and in some cases, you might have the possibility to continue to work at AGRANA.

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