Julian Grobmüller

Julian Grobmüller

Apprenticeship Mechanical Engineering

Why did you choose AGRANA for your apprenticeship?

Everything which has to do with mechanics has always been interesting for me. AGRANA as a company I already knew well, since we previously had a farm and I was able to see the plant early on.

How did you apply for the internship? How was the application process set up?

First, I sent my CV to AGRANA, then I was invited to an apprentice test in spring 2011. The test included questions on general knowledge, mathematics and English. After that, I was informed that I had passed the test and was invited to a 2 day “test apprenticeship”. After that, the apprenticeship contract was signed and I started the apprenticeship to become a mechanical engineer on 1 August 2011.

Shortly describe a typical working day within your apprenticeship at AGRANA. What are your main tasks?

In the morning I got my work instructions from a colleague who explained to me what to do today. When I'm in the turnery or milling cutter area, I cut thread, or do some milling work.

What have you experienced so far? What kind of experiences have you been able to gain so far during your apprenticeship?

I have already learned a lot about working with lathes and milling machines, and got to know a variety of machines that we have in our company.

What do you like best about your apprenticeship? What kind of experiences have you had already?

I like best that I often work outdoors, away from the repair shops, on large machines that are then used in production. The challenging work is fun, especially because I am supported by my peers and work colleagues when I have questions.

How do you perceive the campaign season?

Since I am not yet 18, there is not much change for me because only adult apprentices have the possibility to work in shifts. Basically I work with other colleagues and repair machinery such as the pellet press.

Can you recommend AGRANA as an apprentice trainer?

Yes, definitely, because you are directly involved in practical work from the beginning and nice, helpful colleagues offer support.

What advice would you give future apprentices coming to AGRANA?

It is important that you show perseverance and interest in the work. The active tackling and working is the biggest difference to school and must be learned first.


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