Anna Brait

Anna Brait

Internship Department Starch Food | AGRANA Research and Innovation Centers

Please introduce yourself: What is your name? In which department and at which site are you working at the moment?

My name is Anna. At the moment, I am working in the Starch Food department at the AGRANA Research and Innovation Center (ARIC) located at the AGRANA site in Tulln.

Which tasks will you be dealing with in the coming weeks?

The main focus of my work is on protein analyses. This involves me isolating and extracting proteins. I then perform functionality tests to find out about selected properties of the proteins. My work is intended to contribute to the decarbonisation strategy adopted by the EU. It also aims to increase the added value of by-products from starch and bioethanol production.

What have you particularly enjoyed about your internship so far?

What I particularly enjoy is that you can organise the work yourself and also express your opinion. This means that I can really put what I have learnt during my studies to good use in practice. I also like the fact that I regularly get asked how the work is going and therefore also get helpful inputs from colleagues.

Why did you decide on AGRANA as an employer?

The decision to do my Master’s internship at the AGRANA Research and Innovation Center (ARIC) was initially linked to the area of the work. But the interview with the general management team, the department head and the support team also appealed. The overall impression was simply right.

How is the working atmosphere in your new team?

The working atmosphere is very good. Communication between colleagues is very lively, which means you also can immediately expect to get help if you need it.  Everyone really tries hard and the mood is relaxed, which makes it possible to work without being stressed.

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