Magdalena Rammel

Magdalena Rammel

Internship AGRANA Starch Gmünd Laboratory

What is your name? In which department and at which site are you working at the moment?

My name is Magdalena and I’m working this summer in the laboratory at AGRANA in Gmünd.

Which tasks will you be dealing with in the coming weeks?

 In the coming weeks I will be focussing on wastewater analyses.

What have you particularly enjoyed about your internship so far?

 What I like is that I can apply what I have already learnt at school in practice in my work at AGRANA.

Why did you decide on AGRANA as an employer?

 My parents are suppliers, which is why I have known the company for years.

How is the working atmosphere in your new team?

The working climate in my team is good and my colleagues are all very nice to me.

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