Marlene Seybert

Marlene Seybert

Internship Compliance

Please introduce yourself: What is your name? In which department and at which site are you working at the moment?

My name is Marlene Seybert and I am supporting the Compliance department at the head offices in Vienna as an intern this summer.

Which tasks will you be dealing with in the coming weeks?

I take care of various tasks which are mainly involved with the issues of data protection, corruption, anti-trust law and various guidelines. For example, I have to translate documents from German into English and from English into German. I also check whether various data are correct and compare registered beneficial owners with company register excerpts. I have also put together a PowerPoint presentation about AGRANA in general and about the Compliance department for interns who come after me. I have had a lot of fun with all of the tasks that I have taken care of so far and also found them very interesting. 

What have you particularly enjoyed about your internship so far?

What I particularly like here is that I get a very good first insight into the world of work at a large company, can use things that I have learnt at school, and have been assigned tasks which I can do and which are also fun. People really make sure that you feel comfortable here at AGRANA.

Why did you decide on AGRANA as an employer?

I decided on AGRANA as an employer because I wanted to get an insight into the world of work at a large company and because I had already heard a lot about the company.

How is the working atmosphere in your new team?

The working atmosphere in my new team is really great and very pleasant. Everyone is very nice and friendly to me and they all support me if I need help with a task or haven’t understood something.  I really like working in the Compliance department and it’s giving me a great first insight into the world of work.

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